Simple Clean & Green’s company-wide motto is “Powered by Human Energy.” As a society, we have grown ever so dependent on the energy produced by unsustainable and highly polluting resources. At SCG we take our motto seriously, we take it as a way of life. When at work, all SCG employees follow strict guidelines of eco-friendly practices. Those principles do not stop there. Whether driving an economical or hybrid automobile or riding a bicycle to work, our Energy goes to any means necessary in living a green lifestyle; that is why each member was selected as part of our team. Below you will find a brief profile of our Energy. After reading, should you have any questions, feel free to give us a call, or ask a member of our team person when you meet them at your home or business.

Tyler-Tyler Heath
Simple Clean & Green is the vision of Tyler Heath, a long-time advocate of Earth-friendly practices. Tyler’s vision of green cleaning is not just another profit-driven business venture looking to capitalize on the latest trend; it is a way of life. From a young age, Tyler was taught to respect not only his paternal mother, but also Mother Earth. Working in the publishing industry since graduating from Pennsylvania State University in 2006, Tyler decided to leave his desk job and take his life-long passion for a cleaner, greener planet to a whole new level. In 2010, Tyler founded Simple Clean & Green, a safe harbor for households and businesses that have been fighting a losing battle against dirt, dust and grime, and the common harsh and toxic cleaning methods of conventional cleaning supplies and services. He surely knows SCG is not the first green cleaning service, but it should be considered as one of the first green cleaning lifestyles, that offers a service.

Mere-Meredith Komir
Meredith grew up in Central Pennsylvania; an area blanketed with lush tree-lined hills nestled in the naturally breathtaking Appalachian Mountains. Earth-friendly living is nothing new to Meredith, as her parents instilled holistic and whole living practices in her from a very young age. As a 2010 Lock Haven University graduate in elementary education, her true passion is teaching. During down time, such as evenings, holiday breaks and summer vacation, Meredith spends her time working with SCG, helping to make the Baltimore area a cleaner and greener place.

Genny-Genefe Heath
It’s no secret to Genafe, or Genny as she is better known to friends and family, that this planet is precious. She taught her children, Tyler and Clint, at a young age that they have two mothers, the latter being Mother Earth. Growing up, Genny encouraged her two sons to explore nature, to learn its inner workings and just how unique and beloved this planet is. To this day, Genny, Tyler, and Clint practice conservation together, as Genny can be found on the job helping clients make their home or business a better place. Being a busy mother has not stopped Genny from helping her son, helping SCG’s clients, and helping the planet.

Will-William Heath
What better person to teach the ropes of environmentalism and conservation than a former flower child? A 1972 graduate of Pennsylvania State University, in Biology, William Heath is the father of SCG founder, Tyler Heath. William’s father, Tyler and Clint’s grandfather, who was a lifetime member of the World Wildlife Federation and an avid outdoors man, taught William and his siblings from a young age to respect the precious world around them. Never letting go of his father’s concept, William instilled that same knowledge in his children. Today, William can be found behind the scenes helping to orchestrate SCG’s next big green move.

Clint-Clint Heath
Simple Clean & Green is a family business, and what better, more reliable person to help than your own brother. Clinton Heath, or Clint for short, is the brother of Tyler. Clint was taught the same life skills and environmental responsibility that Tyler was. Much like his brother, Clint is an avid outdoors man and a true “animal” person, dedicating many hours to help local animal sanctuaries. He is a 2002 graduate of Pennsylvania State University in child psychology, a 2006 graduate of Kutztown University with a master’s degree in Secondary School Counseling, a 2008 graduate of Northampton Area Community College’s Mortuary Science Program, and currently works for Pennsylvania’s Dauphin County School District as a guidance counselor. Clint’s busy lifestyle leads to the challenge of remaining green all while assisting the SCG team during his weekends, holidays, and summer vacations.

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