Commercial Cleaning


Clean outside and inside of toilet, tank and Men’s urinals. Scrub inside and outside of sink and basin, clean mirror and cabinet(s). Vacuum and scrub the floor.


Clean inside and outside of microwave and stove, including underneath stove burners and stovetop. Wash off all counters and sink(s), clean outside of dishwasher, refrigerator and any other appliances. Vacuum and scrub the floor.

Conference/Meeting Rooms:

Wipe down all tables; vacuum and/or wipe down all chairs. Clean glass on frames and mirrors; clean shelving and cabinets. Vacuum  and/or mop room.

General Office/Desk Space:

Throughout every room we dust off all flat surfaces, computer monitors and keyboards, clean baseboards and remove cobwebs. We also take out your garbage, shredded paper and recycling and reline your bins.

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