Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning


Empty and clean medicine cabinet and/or under-sink vanity cabinet. Clean outside and inside of toilet bowl and tank, wash inside and outside of sink/basin, clean mirror(s), empty and clean inside of any cabinets or storage units. Clean the walls and/or tile. Vacuum and scrub the floor.


Empty and clean any cabinets of storage units. Upon request, empty and organize and items contained in the cabinets/kitchen. Move refrigerator and stove to clean behind, wiping down both in entirety. Upon request, empty, organize and clean inside of refrigerator. Clean inside and outside of microwave, dishwasher, and any other appliance. Wash off all counters and the sink. Wipe down walls and vacuum and scrub the floor.

Bedroom(s) and Common Rooms:

Wipe down baseboards and walls, remove any cob webs, vacuum, including hard to reach corners (moving any furniture if necessary), mop floors, take out trash and recycling, scrubbing the trash and recycling receptacles, and re-line garbage bins with new bags.

*Note: Simple Clean & Green will gladly provide special cleaning requests when discussed in advance. These requests can include but are not limited to: clean and organize the contents of closets, drawers and/or cabinets; stripping and cleaning all cabinets and shelving units; washing and/or sorting laundry; window cleaning; and flipping and vacuuming mattresses. Any other special request suggestions are welcome and can be discussed in advance.

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